[satellite image of the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, image via the Atlantic]

Landscape Archipelago is the main warehouse for the writing and research of Brian Davis.  I studied landscape architecture at North Carolina State (undergrad) and the University of Virginia (graduate) and worked in Buenos Aires and New York City for seven years.  Currently I am an assistant professor at Cornell University in the Landscape Architecture Department where I started the Borderlands Research Group and help run the Landscape Change Laboratory. I teach undergraduate and graduate level design studios, as well as a technical course on Site Assembly and a history/theory course on Latin American landscapes and urbanisms.


My research is organized along two main lines:  (1) looking at projects in South America within the larger American context by combining landscape studies with Hemispheric studies, and (2) examining the relationship between landscapes and instruments (tools).  This work divides into many subsets including an interest in water infrastructure performance over time, canals and ports as landscape typologies, urban forestry as a means to alternative forms of recreation, historical and theoretical writing, and fieldwork in contemporary indigenous landscapes throughout the Americas.


I am also a part of the Dredge Research Collaborative along with Brett Milligan, Stephen Becker, Gena Wirth, Tim Maly, and Rob Holmes.  I enjoy email so please get in touch if you want, and you can also follow me on twitter @faslanyc.

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